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Yoga Studio - Lefkada Yoga Retreats in Greece



In 2012, Yoga and Meditation retreats entered our lives in Lefkada. Simone, our first teacher, at first glance realised this is not an ordinary place to practice her spiritual arts. It is a place illuminated with positive energy.

Since then, we have had many proffessional teachers like Carmen, Vidhi, Gina, Brad, Linea, Brian, Cailin you can view their sites to get an insight in the art of body and mind.

Here, in Urania villas, the colors, and nature are floating your mind, letting you truly escape. Retreats in Lefkada release your stress, open your mind and make your inner self relax.



Hospitality is a great feature of our society to show your kindness and make someone feel special and welcome.

How and when you feel more than that? When you have the vision to meet a stranger and understand that he or she is not actually a stranger. Give him or her a little piece from your heart. Once we meet people, we instantly feel a connection, a vibration, and positivity. That keeps making our family bigger and bigger, every year stronger, unforgettable and memorable.

In this little special place, we have connected with so many people until now, and the love we received and we shared is a blessing. Become part of our family.

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Our services, people’s favorites

Join our unique yoga Pavilion, enjoy the endless blue and taste premium food.



Cooking is an expression of emotions, it is an inspiration, sometimes you don’t even know what you are about to make and once you get the idea, you make the best for the people around you.

In Urania Wellness Resort, we make traditional Greek dishes, enhanced with the different flavors of eastern and western diets. We combine healthy ingredients to make something unique and tasteful.

Our participants used to refer to Ourania’s cooking (owner and chef of the place) as mother’s food, and not only. Our guests’ enthusiasm cannot be really expressed with words since the tears of joy and the hugs of pure love are our best reference.



Our inspiration to share happiness lies within our passion to cook with the best ingredients on the market, the purest, the freshest and the most local we can get.

Our food is cooked with love. Our breakfast is organic, with homemade jams and bread, made from scratch by us. Jams are made during winter time from Ourania herself. People fall in love with our diet and that’s the reason we have repeating professional teachers coming every year again and again.

The menu can be vegetarian, vegan or regular depending on your needs. We respect everyone’s preference and we take extra care of any food allergies and special requirements.

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Yoga Studio - Lefkada Yoga Retreats in Greece



In Urania Wellness Resort Pavilion we offer an approximate space of 100 square meters, enough for at least 30 participants and a brand new Jacuzzi/Hottub next to the studio. The Jacuzzi temperature goes up to 29 Celcius and with it is operating with natural salty water, with the minimum use of chemicals.

Apart from the great space, you can find all the necessary equipment to practise your arts. You can also request special equipment on demand. Our equipment includes:

  • mats (2 per person if needed)
  • straps and many different types of blocks
  • speakers for music
  • pillows, bolsters, and fleece blankets



Within the mountains’ heart lies a small place to practice any type of spiritual arts. The pavilion faces south and east. You can meditate while the first soft, warm sunbeams hit your body energizing it with the most positive energy to start a new day.

When people land here, from the very first moment, there is an instant feeling of serenity, relaxation, and peace. There is a reason everyone is feeling that special connection.

The place is within the range of a powerful energy triangle, formed by three different temples of Apolo. Temples of Apolo are a landmark of high spiritual energy in Ancient Greece. Ourania is sharing more information about this in a more sensible way.



Teachers and Instructors, Masters and Lecturers come here around the world to show people that there is a better version for themselves, a different perception to see the world, a vision positive enough to make our place, the place we live, a little better.

The courses that take place here, tend to motivate us, to make us better bit by bit. We discover and rediscover ourselves. Help your self-development flower. We invite you to explore yourself, join our Retreats in Lefkada, discover different cultures and meet new people that share the same goals as you.

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2019 Yoga & Meditation retreats in Lefkada – Greece

The Alchemist – Yoga Retreat in Greece, Lefkada

Vidhi Chhariya – Zen Master, Therapist

A leading authority on Buddhist Meditation, a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and Pranic Healer – Vidhi demystifies yoga, practices therapy & teaches in more than 30 countries worldwide. Today his work is highly recognized by several global awards in the field of meditation, therapy & yoga.

One of the rarest teachers who connect, meditation, yoga, healing work, therapy and massage, Vidhi got exposed to spirituality, as a child, grew up next to Rishikesh in India and worked for Corporate Sector before exploring his destiny as a spiritual guide. Today his patrons range from regular people to white house officials, CEO’s, bankers, media & medicine.

04/05/2019 – 11/05/2019
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vicky tomsky yoga retreat in Greece - Lefkada

Luxurious Yoga Retreat in Lefkada, Greece

Vicky Tomsky Yoga

To relax, to heal, to connect, to explore the outer and inner world. So many great reasons. Yoga retreat can be an intimate way of deepening yourself through a daily practice, powers of concentration and insight. Escape busy life with me during May to a place where the mountains and Ionian Sea meet. We’ll be staying in gorgeous Urania Luxury Villas on Lefkada Island in Greece. The retreat includes daily yoga & pranayama classes, meditation sessions, 4 nights accommodation, 2 nourishing meals per day, airport transfers, unlimited use of 2 private pools, one private beach (30 min hiking) and one trip to a nearby village.

11/05/2019 – 15/05/2019
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Urania Villas in Lefkada - Private beach under the yoga studio in Greece

7 Day Cantienica & Yoga Retreat in Greece, Lefkada

Victoria Janisch – certified CANTIENICA instructor

Steph Knight – certified Yoga & Meditation teacher, Holistic Therapist.

Find peace of mind in this truly extraordinary place! The island of Lefkada is known for its world-class, recognized beaches with breathtaking natural beauty. Guests describe the villas, where we will be staying, as “paradise on Earth”. When you reach the villas, you are immediately surrounded by a rare sense of calmness. Every detail has been made with great attention and love to make you escape and relax.

25/05/2019 – 01/06/2019
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Linda Yoga Retreat Greece - Greek Island Retreat


Greek Island Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Linda and Julie invite you to join them on the journey of a lifetime. These dedicated and accomplished teachers will join forces to introduce you to the magic, wonders and pristine beauty of Lefkada Greece. Carefully selected meditation and yoga practices will lead you to your vast resources of inner peace and strength, spark creativity, expand awareness and promote healing.

02/06/2019 – 08/06/2019
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Yoga Retreat in Greece Lefkada - Retreat organised by Vistara Yoga Canada

June, Seven Days Yoga Retreat in Greece, Lefkada

Anna Griffiths – certified Yoga instructor

Welcome to a week long yoga retreat with limitless blue skies and the Ionian sea on the flourishing island of Lefkada. There are few places in the world more spectacular than Greece! The air is the perfect temperature for relaxing on the balcony, swimming in the sea, and star gazing at the most striking night sky. Experience deep yoga practices, philosophical discussions and meditation, as you dine on cleansing organic gourmet meals. Soak in this magical environment in a secluded location, perfect for unplugging. We even have our own massage therapist, Becky Gardner, joining us to give each participant a complimentary massage. Leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated and balanced.

22/06/2019 – 29/06/2019
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Luxury Yoga Retreat in Greek island of Lefkada - Greece

July, Luxury Yoga Retreat in Greek island of Lefkada

Autumn Adams – founder of Abuja Yoga

We all deserve to indulge in a bit of luxury every now and then (or how about every day?). Our yoga retreat in Greece, June 29 – July 6, 2019, will provide you with an opportunity to dive deeper into your yoga practice while immersing into Greek island life on Lefkas… an island where time slows down, the days are delightfully long, and where giant cliffs meet the sea.

For us, yoga retreats are about more than just practicing yoga in a beautiful destination. We take care and pride in finding the best yoga retreat destinations out there and creating fun, powerful and immersive retreats that nourish your soul. Our yoga retreat in Greece exceeds all of our expectations. Get ready for a truly relaxing luxury experience with a bit of adventure thrown in for good measure.

29/06/2019 – 06/07/2019
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