Amenity: Fireplace

from €490

Villa Geofos means “earth-light”, the light sourcing from earth’s center. The idea behind the name came from the vibrant colors that illuminate the place during t

from €800

Urania Villas are acknowledged for the beautiful sunrises and the romantic moonrises. The breathtaking scenery and the contemporary design of the villa will sooth your senses and g

from €470

Villa Helios, in English, “The Sun”. Villa Helios, is the first villa you will see approaching our complex. The vertical pool near the edge; offers stunning views for m

from €470

Villa Eos, the impersonalization of the dawn. The luminant colors of the dawn reflect beautifully, striking your heart. The gardens’ levanter, mountain tea and rosemary set u

from €470

Villa Iris unique trademark is the 200+ years old Oak tree that is next to the pool. The ancient tree does not distrupt the sea views, while at the same time it offers shadow and c