Our retreat studio in Lefkada, Greece

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Discover the retreat shala at Urania Villas

Open ceilings, wooden floor and natural materials that synthesize harmony for your Retreat

We are happy to share an experience that will make memorable moments. Align your heart, body and spirit with a positive and mindful activity and enjoy life. In Urania villas we share a family environment, a place to find peace and rejuvenate.

Our Equipment

In our studio you will find:

30+ Yoga Mats
15+ Yoga Chairs
2x 100W Bluetooth Speakers
20+ Blocks
20+ Bolsters
20+ Straps
Tennis Balls
Small fitballs

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How everything started

In 2012, Yoga and Meditation retreats entered our lives in Lefkada. Simone, our first teacher, at first glance realised this is not an ordinary place to practice her spiritual arts. It is a place illuminated with positive energy.

Since then, we have had many professional teachers from all over the world joining us every year, making successful yoga, pilates, dance or any other type of retreat in our place.

Healthy food, made with love

Vegan & Vegetarian Mediterranean diet 

After many years of experience we take care of all dietary needs. You can find here Mediterranean cousin combined with modern flavors. From the simplest of dishes, like Tzatziki up to the most advanced such as vegan Greek Moussaka, traditional lentil soup enhanced with coconut milk and ginger and many more delicious recipes. You will enjoy healthy local, fresh ingredients, cooked with love, while you can choose between a complete vegan, mixed vegan and vegetarian or regular menus. Enjoy unforgettable meals with stunning sea blue views and allow us to share with you a memorable experience.

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